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Friday, November 30, 2007

Tonight's interview with Dr. Mohler

I just got done watching the interview that NBC Nightly News did with Albert Mohler on the the subject of young evangelicals and politics. From what I saw I will say that I was very disappointed with NBC. The only part of Dr. Mohler's interview that was used was reduced to a very short clip.

The topic that was on a new generation of evangelicals (the group was labeled "emergent." However, the church in the interview was far more "emerging.") and what this means to politics. The new generation of Christians are less likely to pledge their allegiance to the Republican party. Thus, the question was, how is this new movement of evangelicals shaping the political scene?

They interviewed and focused on one young pastor Tadd Grandstaff of Pine Ridge Church who was suppose to represent this growing tide of evangelicals. He used the most modern lighting, screens, podcast, and blogs. He made the point that declaring his church "Republican" and bring the politics in the pulpit would turn away all the non-republicans they are trying to reach.

That was one part of the topic. Wanting to say that younger evangelicals, those that will inherit the church, vote other than Republican.

Then the interview got on the topic of homosexuality. It was said that the young group was not as "doctrinaire" as old evangelicals. Though, Pastor Tadd says that homosexuality is a sin, they want to talk about the good of true marriage, not the sin of homosexuality. He does not have to bash or speak against homosexuality. Now, this is where I have to back off because I distrust NBC's interviewing. I do not know what the preacher believes in full. For NBC will use what parts of an interview they want to. This was just a clip with no context, or time for the pastor to clarify. So, I cannot say yea or nay about the pastor.

Then, to back up the pastor's position, NBC interviewed a member of the church on this matter. Now, once again, there is no room for a definite say on what the pastor believes and teaches. Is this a member since the founding of the church? Did the person just become a member? Is this one of those members that only comes to church every three months? We do not know. But, the member said that homosexuality is a private matter and should not be an issue in the church. (even the fact she was talking about homosexuality can be questioned) scary! But, like I mentioned, no way to tell what the pastor teaches.

Then comes the interview with Dr. Mohler. Of course, this is the context which within he is put on! All that this interview consisted of was Dr. Mohler saying that The Christian faith sets
boundaries that believers must live in. End of interview.

Then the the interview goes back to Pastor Tadd and the question of if rules set down by older members of the church were to strict. (a.k.a Albert Mohler) Once again, the interview was just clips from pastor Tadd and no way to tell if he knew the question was sprung from what Dr. Mohler said. I don't believe that pastor Tadd would disagree at all with what Dr. Mohler said (as briefly as it was said at that) and affirm it completely.

my response to all fo that was, "That's it!"

Sad in my opinion. The only thing that I came away knowing was that news service's interviews cannot be trusted. Clips taken form here, there, this person, that person. No way to tell what each party truly believes. In fact, I'd say that Dr. Mohler and Pastor Tadd would agree on a lot of things.