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My real name is Charlie Albright. I am the pinnacle of evil who God has flooded with His mercy. Declaring my sinful self righteous and holy in His sight! Lavishing His grace upon me by the blood Jesus shed on the cross! Carrying me through this life and giving me satiatfing joy! Anything good about me is only because of His grace!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness

There are few things that can be compared to being reacquainted with old hymns. Hymns that I used to sing and be encouraged by are some times forgotten about. So many other songs come my way that it is easy to lay aside an old song because I am enraptured by a new song. But then that old hymn that has laid on the shelf for so very long is brought to me. Once again, the truth of the song warms my heart as it once did. The Christ that was put before your eyes so many years ago is displayed again is glorious appeal!

This is one of those songs. I knew it from days long past, But in chapel this morning it was brought to my mind again. I thought I would share it with all of you.


Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness
My beauty are, my glorious dress;
’Midst flaming worlds, in these arrayed,
With joy shall I lift up my head.

Bold shall I stand in Thy great day;
For who aught to my charge shall lay?
Fully absolved through these I am
From sin and fear, from guilt and shame.

Lord, I believe Thy precious blood,
Which, at the mercy seat of God,
Forever doth for sinners plead,
For me, e’en for my soul, was shed.

When from the dust of death I rise
To claim my mansion in the skies,
Ev’n then this shall be all my plea,
Jesus hath lived, hath died, for me.

Jesus, the endless praise to Thee,
Whose boundless mercy hath for me—
For me a full atonement made,
An everlasting ransom paid.

O let the dead now hear Thy voice;
Now bid Thy banished ones rejoice;
Their beauty this, their glorious dress,
Jesus, Thy blood and righteousness.