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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Books for the Semester

I have got all my books for my classes. I have already started into most of them. It is read, read, read, and read some more up here! But, I would not have it any other way! So let me give you the list.

For Old Testament Survey I,

Old Testament Today, by John H. Walton and Andrew E. Hill

It gives a overview of the Old Testament. We are, however, only going through the Pentateuch and Historical Literature sections. The rest is for OT Survey II.

Preaching and Teaching from the Old Testament, by Walter C. Kaiser Jr.

I have not started into this one yet. This book is to do a review on.

Hammond Atlas of the Bible Lands

An atlas, used in this course and the New Testament Survey course.

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary

One big book!There is just some selected reading form it for the course. But it is one that I am going to use continually in my ministery.

New Testament Survey I,

Jesus and the Gospels, by Craig L. Blomberg.

The book is to introduce you to the accounts of Christ's life found in the New Testament. Giving the reader historical background, interpretation, and commentary on the Gospels.

(I already told you that the Atlas was for this course as well)

Christian Education,

Purpose Driven Church, by Rick Warren.
Quite a surprise to find this book for Christian Education. I do need to read, so, it works out.

Introducing Christian Education, edited by Michael J. Anthony.

I just got this book, so I do not know anything about it.

Worldviews I,

Philosophy Made Slightly Less Difficult, by J. DeWeese and J. P. Moreland

A simply overview of philosophical thinking.

Life's Ultimate Questions, by Ronald H. Nash

Introducing one to philosophy. This book gives you a basic course on worldviews and a quick look at some big names in philosophy.

English Composition I,

Student's Book of College English, by David Skwire and Hervey S. Wiener

Basic English text book for college.

Well, there goes my work for this semester. I am giving a educated guess of 2325 pages of reading to do. Not including studying for tests.