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Saturday, August 18, 2007


Not to be left out on the Pacifism verses war thoughts going on at Agent Tim Online. I want to give my thoughts on Pacifism.

This is one of my thoughts on the subject. This point is not a struggle with the texts of Scripture, per say. It is just thinking about a implication of Pacifism. The Bible should give us the most satisfying worldview in which to act. Thus, I believe, viewing the implications of this disputed ideology is with in the bounds of Christian thinking.

I ask the question, “Can pacifism exist without some person or nation allowing it to exist?” Or why is it that pacifists live in nations with militaries that protect them? It seems to me that pacifists cannot exist on their own. They have to be a attached to a non-pacifist group or nation to keep on living. If a nation said that it was not going to engage in warfare any more, How long would they last? How long would Israel be a nation if they became pacifists?

Pacifism, however, is suppose to be a Biblical teaching. What would happen if, a national leader based his laws on Biblical teaching. What Bible believing Christian would not want that to happen. If pacifism is the Christian position, The ruler would have to dismantle the military and remove all the defenses. His country would be completely open to be conquered. And I doubt the new regime would be as willing to adopt Biblical polices. So, A nation that founds its self on Biblical teaching (if pacifism is Biblical), practically offers its throne to who gets there first. And when another power takes over the Godly leadership that is in place is removed from office and a government that is less godly assumes command . So, the Bible would defeat its self. Causing less righteous rulers to always rule.

I know that this is a hypothetical situation. Or is it. How long would Israel be Israel if the leaders start basing there laws on the Bible that supposedly commands pacifism.

Now most Christian pacifist will say, “If people are not Christians, they do not have to follow this rule. It is the Christian community that should stay away from warfare. Not pagan nations.” But this does not make sense. So, are God’s laws pointless to those on the outside of Christianity? If God commands Christians to abstain from war, is that not the best thing for man to do? And is it not sin to do other wise? So, why should governments be exempt from God’s law? And if they can get away with this law. Why can they not get away with the rest of God’s law? It just does not fit to say that nations can sin and we should do nothing about it.

One could also ask, “How do we pray for a nation if the Bible teaches pacifism?” Is one to pray that the nation will disband the army? Basically allowing any nation to take over? Where does this leave the Christian in Israel? If he prays that his government would be righteous, he is essentially praying that Israel would be know more! That Israel would lower its arms and let the first Arab nation that marches in dominion over the land! So, if Israel wants freedom for its people it better stay far away from Biblical teachings! Or, are we to ask that our nation be righteous, except in one respect. That is, in regard to warfare? “God make our nation and its leaders, mostly, holy. For we still want the people around us free.” Either we want our leaders to be evil, or we do not care about the well being of our nation.

Maybe should not care about who runs the nation? I mean, our citizenship is not of this world, right? So, we should not care if a righteous ruler, or a Saddam Hussein runs the country? Is that really loving the people that are not Christians? Giving no care about the freedom that they should have? (In this respect, pacifism is a little bit selfish.)

All in all, I see Pacifism as a parasite ideology on a nation, if I can call it that. What I mean by parasite is, pacifism can only survive off a non-pacifist nation. It can never exist by itself (or not for long at least). Because it will be taken over buy another nation if does exist by its self. It must take the protection given by the host, non-pacifism, and it gives really nothing in return.

I am going to be coming out with some other thoughts some time soon. But, you can just think over this one for now. If you find in problems in my reasoning do not fear to point them out(in a humble manner, of course).