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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Band of Bloggers

Okay, I know that I am slow! But here is the first for all that I have received from the conference…

First off is the Band of Bloggers. Three hours before the main conference started there was a gathering of bloggers at the Galt Hotel (the site of the first T4G). There we had lunch and listened to a panel made up of well known bloggers. It was a question and answer format where a moderator ask the panel questions then let each one give an answer. Then, after that, people in the audience were able to ask the panel questions. On the panel was Abraham Piper, Thabiti Anyabwile, Phil Johnson, and Tim Challies.

(Note: These are not direct quotes (I cannot take notes that fast!) but the general ideas that they were getting across. If it is a direct quote it will be in parenthesis.

Also, Two things other things: (1)These are not all the questions either, just the ones I was able to make good note of. (2)Some answers are not in full. Meanings that I would miss a point here a there in the whole discussion. But what I do post reflects what the person does say.)

The first set of questions were asked by a moderator,

Q: What does it mean to blog as one that has been redeemed?

Piper. He was reminded of the parable of the talents and ties it in that he has been given a stewardship with his blog. Specifically, what he as a blogger has been entrusted with is the gospel. In our posting we are not to bury the gospel. In fact our blogs should be gospel flavored.

Anyabwile. What we discuss on our blogs should be saturated by the gospel. In our blogging,“the blood should leave its stain.”

Johnson. Echoed Piper in that blogging is a stewardship.

Challies. The shadow of the cross should be over everything.

Q: (1)How does your salvation shape your blogs? (2)Why do you do what you do?

Challies. (1)Saved is who he is, so he likes to talk about it. (2) Book reviews. No one else was reviewing books for the purpose of testing its soundness theologically.

Johnson. (1)Salvation shapes his thinking so everything has a connection to the gospel.(2)What he does on his blog just depends what is going on in the week.

Anyabwile. Love and burden for the church. Yet, he tries not blog about issues that pertain to his local church.

Q: Controversy on the bloggersphere. (1)How do, or should, we handle this and (2)the temptation to use it to increase readership at your blog?

Challies. (2)Just like more money will not satisfy, more readers will not satisfy. (1) Always check your heart. It is a good idea to sit on a post for a day if it is controversial.

Johnson. The dominate issue is not controversy. We need to discuss hot button issues to think through things. But we need to be balanced and not just focus on stirring or getting into controversial subjects.

Anyabwile. (1) There are two things to keep in mind on this issue. First, we need to keep the main thing the main thing. Yes, there are hills to die on, thus we get into controversy. Number two, we do not to seek controversy on secondary issues.

Piper. We need to think about the way we go about doing controversy. Are our arguments actually causing those we disagree with to think and notice the soundness of our arguments? Or are we just being congratulated by our own circle of friends when we make a point on a comment?

Q: What do you do to hold yourself accountable?

Johnson. He has accountability with other bloggers. If he gets a email from a well respected person that he should not have posted such and such then the post probably should not have been posted. His wife, also, reads over all his

Challies. The members of his local church continually talk to him about his blog.

Question from the audience:
As pastors that are mainly responsible for the flock entrusted to you, how you manage that task and blogging?

Anyabwile. Blogging is completely unnecessary. If need be it could be dropped instantly.

Johnson. Your calling as pastor is your main responsibility. Blogging should never be a threat to that responsibility.