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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ligon Duncan

Sound Doctrine Essential to Faithful Pastoral Ministry:
John 17:13-17

We live and minister in a an age that thinks that it is anti-theological.

Doctrine is for delight.

Truth is for Growth (Matt. 28:19-20) Jesus says to teach them everything that he ever taught them. Teach them to live it out.
1 Tim. 1:3-5. The first thing in the greatest pastoral work is this: not letting people teach or listen to false doctrine. Because our charge is from faith. Good theology worked deep into our heart by the Holy Spirit produces a life of love.
1:8-11. Life is explicitly tied to doctrine. The true life is to be in accordance with the gospel. The gospel is tied to the life of the believer.
Titus 1:1. Your knowledge of truth is vital to your holiness.

Truth Matters. We must meet this Port-modern reversion petition by celebrating doctrine. We must bring the substance with the Bible theology We ought to out live and out die the critics of theology.

1.The very ideas of theology are under dourest in our time. There are many evangelical that would call into question the need of theology.
All around us we hear, “deeds not creeds.” “We need a to be more concerned with narratives.” People dislike theology because theology can kill. Six million Jews died because of bad theology. The basis for Tolerance is that theology can kill you. Scott McKnight: (1) the Bible is a story. (2) language cannot contain God. The Bible is not a story narrative. We must put the story together. The objection that language cannot contain God cannot be found in Scripture. It is found in an alien philosophy.

Biblical theology: looks through the Bible and sees the development of theology.
Systematic theology: what the Bible says on a specific issue. We do it when someone ask the question, “what does the Bible say about this.”

2.Show you from Scripture that systematic theology is necessary, important and unavoidable.
We cannot escape doing theology. Everyone is a theologian, the only question is, “are you a good theologian or a bad theologian.”
Luke 24:24-27. “the things concerning himself.” Jesus did a topically and systematic study of the Messiah.
Acts 18:27-28. “showing by the Scriptures that the Christ was Jesus.”
Acts 17: 2-3. Paul doing the same thing.
Romans is divided systematically.
Systematic theology is not the produce of alien philosophy.

3.What doctrine is important for.
Doctrine is for God’s glory. Romans 11:32-36.
For our assurance. John 15:15. Why was it important for Jesus to teach election. After disciples forsake the Messiah the only assurance that they will have is when they remember the fact that Jesus, seeing all there faults and knowing what they would do, chosen them.
For Marriage. Eph. 5:25. The NT will point us to the cross and will give us commands because of it. The Atonement informs your love for your wife.
For Joy. Phil 3:1.

Theology is for life!