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My real name is Charlie Albright. I am the pinnacle of evil who God has flooded with His mercy. Declaring my sinful self righteous and holy in His sight! Lavishing His grace upon me by the blood Jesus shed on the cross! Carrying me through this life and giving me satiatfing joy! Anything good about me is only because of His grace!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

The End of T4G (At least until 2010)

T4G is over. It was a blessed time of challenge and encouragement. The messages ranged from great to phenomenal. The giving of books was overly generous. It was, all in all, a great time.

It was very nice to see Agent Tim for the little time that I did. But with Tim coming to Boyce in the fall I know that I will see more of Him. I was disappointed that I did not get to see Aspiring Theologian there, but I do eagerly a wait to read his takings from the conference if he posts them.

I have class in about 15 minutes, so I do not have much time. I will be posting the notes from most of the messages. Because the battery life of my laptop is not the greatest I took meager notes on Thabiti and R. C.'s messages on paper. Which, of course, are some of the best messages of the conference...(That would have to be the case right!)...But I do apologize for that.

You can, actually, download all the messages from the conference for free from here.