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Friday, May 15, 2009

Understanding Some of our Sisters' Struggles

I found this blog post titled "Beauty at Any Cost" from a link by Challies. It talks about the amount of money spent by women to attain our culture's standard of beauty. But as stated in the post;

The desire of women to look beautiful is not new. But according to YWCA Chief Executive, Dr. Lorraine Cole, what is new is the unrealistic standard of physical beauty which is relentlessly pushed on females, and the sheer extent to which women and girls are now willing to go to achieve this goal.

I think it would very beneficial for us guys to recognize the enormous amount pressure our sisters in Christ feel (and some give way to ) too meet today's standards of beauty. And we should also realize what the culture sees as beautiful: “physical and/or sexual attractiveness” (from the post). So read the post and start to see some of the burdens placed on women.

Not only, however, should we be informed, but we must watch our own hearts. (Notice that I am going to ask, “How much”, because it is impossible to be a male in this culture and not be affected by this!)

  • How much of today’s standards of beauty (sexiness) color our view of women? How much is "sexiness" or "hotness" a main concern in our understanding of womanhood?

  • Do we remind ourselves as well that women displayed on movies and ads show a standard of beauty that no normal woman can attain?

  • How much are we acting like the culture by placing "sexiness" on the top of our "future wife" description list?