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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Around Boyce & Southern

The convocation service for The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and Boyce College was held Tuesday, ushering in the Spring Semester. Tradition was displayed as all the faculty of Southern and Boyce came in the chapel robed. Three professor publicly signed the Abstract of Principles, publicly declaring their agreement with the confession of the Seminary. (It was not that they were just hired. Three professors sign Principles at each convocation to publicly show their agreement with the confession.) Every convocation serves as a reminder that this institution is a confessional institution. Southern and Boyce faculty is unified by a common confession of beliefs.

Albert Mohler continue his walk through of the Apostle's Creed. Mohler turned to the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Reminding us the necessity of the resurrection for the Christian faith.

I should have done this earlier. But here is the list of the chapel sermons of last semester that I profited the most from:

1. "Jesus, Take the Meal: Why We're Afraid of the Lord's Table" Luke 22:7-30. Russell Moore

2. Message by Rev. Junior Hill

3. "Answering the Call to the Undesirable Setting". Rev. Eric Redmond

And more news about Albert Mohler. Albert Mohler appeared on the TV program One to One on Kentucky Educational Television. Albert Mohler was able to talk about his new book Culture Shift and answer some questions about it. This time Dr. Mohler was given plenty of time to explain Himself! Anyway, I really enjoyed watching the interview. (HT Steve Weaver)