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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Books for School

(Note: This post has been updated!)

Well, here is the reading list for this semester. It is much lighter then last semester. Hopefully I can get in some of my own reading. Without further ado, here they are...

For Worldviews II:

The God Who is There, by Francis Schaeffer.

I actually did not have to by this book, I got it as a Christmas present. I do have to confess...I have never read anything by Schaeffer before. (but the blood of Christ covers all sins!) I am looking forward to digging into one of Schaeffer's works.

The Universe Next Door, by James Sire

From the looks of this book it is a overview of the dominate worldviews of today. Should be a good read.

A World of Difference, by Kenneth Richard Samples

Well, the MacArthur book did not exist! The people at the book store got things mixed up. On the self where the books for classes are little cards hang above them listing what books go to which classes. The card above this worldviews book got the book and the author switched around. The book used last semester was by MacArthur but the book used now is call A World of Difference. They just mixed up title and author. Any way, it still looks like a great read.

English II:

A Manual for Writers of research Papers, Theses, and Dissertations. 7th edition.

A book to turn to if I don't know how to write.

Style Towards Clarity and Grace, by Joseph M. Williams.

Looks pretty good. I am (as all my readers can attest to) need to be a better writer. So I am looking forward to going through such books.


Topics in Contemporary Mathematics. 9th edition.

Well the free book did not work out, they have switched to a new edition than used the past years. Thus my friends gift, sadly, proved useless. But I was still able to get the book of Amazon for around $40. which is fantastic compared to $133!

Ancient Near Eastern History:

Holman Bible Atlas.

And I picked up some books that had nothing to do with classes but got anyway,

Systematic Theology, by Louis Berkhof

Institiutes of the Christian Religion, by John Calvin.